Variable Trigonometric Threshold (VTT)


This package implements the Variable Trigonometric Threshold (VTT) linear classifier. The coding schema is such that it enables it to be used in the Scikit-Learn pipeline.

The mathematical description of the classifier can be seen in:

“A. Abi-Haidar, J. Kaur, A. Maguitman, P. Radivojac, A. Retchsteiner, K. Verspoor, Z. Wang, and L.M. Rocha [2008]. “Uncovering protein interaction in abstracts and text using a novel linear model and word proximity networks”. Genome Biology. **9**(Suppl 2):S11”

Other papers which have used this method:

“Correia, Rion B., K. N. Chan, & L.M. Rocha [2015]. “Polarization in the US Congress.” The 8th Annual Conference of the Comparative Agendas Project (CAP). Lisbon, Portugal, June 23-24, 2015.”

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“A. Kolchinsky, A. Abi-Haidar, J. Kaur, A.A. Hamed and L.M. Rocha [2010]. “Classification of protein-protein interaction full-text documents using text and citation network features.IEEE/ACM Transactions On Computational Biology And Bioinformatics, **7**(3):400-411. DOI:”

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